Concerts and weddings and travellings

I’ve been back in montreal for a week now, so it’s about time I put up some pictures from the travels! A couple of weeks were spent in New Brunswick, doing a concert with the Seasons Baroque Ensemble first of all.

Then we drove back to Montreal to meet a Joe at the airport.

After a very brief rest at home, we dashed off to Calgary for Ben’s wedding, presents in tow.

All in all, it was a fine few weeks! Just busy enough to keep things interesting, but with plenty of rest-time in there as well. We had a chance to do the usual walks in the woods and so on, but also managed some not-so-usual things in Calgary: a visit to the Zoo, horseback riding, and of course the wedding itself was anything but ordinary.

Now I’m back to the drudgery of working full-time at the help desk for a few weeks, while I frantically put together the first concert in my solo series in Fredericton that will take place September 23! Not much free time for editing pictures, unfortunately, which explains why I haven’t done much picking and choosing of the wedding pics as of yet.

update: With Sari’s help, I’ve gone through most of the pictures now, and trimmed it down to a much more manageable amount! If you were put off by the obscene number of terrible pictures, it’s much better now, and you should have a look.

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