yummy cake!
Our landlord got us a cake! I think he felt bad because so many people had come by to look at the place in the past month or so, and he also had to dig in our closet a few days ago to repair some plumbing upstairs.

Pentax firmware for linux

If you have a Pentax *istDS camera, like me, you might have tried updating to the latest firmware. Unfortunately, it’s only available in a windows executable or a Mac hqx file, so it’s tricky to extract under linux. I’ve got a tarball including the original readme and the .bin itself, so feel free to use that instead.

I used to have this on the painfully disorganized main page here, so I figure it should be added back in, now that that page has been replaced by a blog. I don’t know if anyone’s ever downloaded the thing, (hasn’t happened since I trashed my machine and tossed all my old apache logs, anyway) – Let me know if you used it! In any case, it was a bit of trouble when I tried updating the firmware, so I thought I’d try saving you the time I spent in improving the packaging.

Workin’ away

Jon-o blogging away...

The first picture of me as a blogger! Thanks for the photo, Sari!

A blog!

I now have a blog. Please treat it kindly…

I spent quite a lot of time searching for software to use for this. Almost just went with livejournal, and then I was on the verge of writing my own from scratch. Then I found bBlog, which appears to be almost exactly what I would have written myself (other than the fact that it works!) I heartily recommend it.

Forgive the feeble layout – still working on incorporating the blog into the rest of the site. A complete reworking may be in order soon, but that’s a lot of work, and work that I’m really not very good at, so it might be a while yet.