Biking to Pointe Claire

These pictures have been sitting around for almost a month now, but I’ve finally put them up. I took them on a fantastic day – after weeks of sweltering heat and thunderstorms, the weather was sitting at a comfy 20°C, with just enough clouds to keep the sun from being excessive. So I decided to explore!

I started out going through Verdun – I meant to head down to the shore, and travel along the bank there, but I took a wrong turn, and ended up following the canal instead. After getting to the end of that canal, I kept following the shore through Lasalle, then through Lachine, Dorval and part of Pointe Claire – at that point, the bike path runs out. It’s still a nice enough ride, though it’s rather strange to be so deep into suburbia, but I decided I had had enough. My legs aren’t used to that kind of treatment!

Next longish trip will probably be to see if I can find my way to my Grandpa’s house. Doesn’t look like there are any great biking roads to Dollard though, but there are only a couple of spots where you have to really slog through traffic. We’ll see when I get to it! Might not be for a while, because I’m exceedingly busy preparing for a concert in Fredericton on the 23rd of September, along with a recording for a competition that needs to be completed by the 15th. On top of that, I’m working full-time for the next two weeks, so I need to take what practice time I can find!

4 Comments to “Biking to Pointe Claire”

  1. sari says: has bike path maps (look under “rues pour tous/la ville a velo” or on the links for a more detailed Montreal map; it looks like there’s one that splits west off Gouin through the park (!!) at the 13, then along de Salaberry.

  2. sari says:

    oh ya. And how come the purple navigation bar on the right of your page is covering the text?

  3. Cassu says:

    Hey, just found this site–groovy. Anyway, if you try the bike path up in the northern part of the city (can’t remember streets, sorry–Gouin does sound familiar), just go straight on the road. The bike path meanders up and down and up and off sidewalks—blech! Maybe they’ve since fixed that, though. keep going and then you’ll see HORSES and NATURE and then hopefully your rear derailleur won’t blow out so that you won’t have to bike the 40K back home on one gear with a bungee cord holding it into place….

    Anyway, hi to you and Sari, and keep pedalling!

  4. Cassi says:

    Uh, I can’t spell my own namu…