Starting anew?

Time to get this web page back on its feet. I’ve upgraded wordpress again, and I’m ready to actually start posting things to it in the new year. Wish me luck!

WordPress upgrade

I upgraded wordpress again. Looks like it’s all working, but you never know with these things! Let me know if something’s broken.

I used a slightly different method for upgrading this time – I’m keeping a git repository, with one branch for the official versions, and another branch for my local changes (theme, plugins, and configuration). An upgrade just means switching to the official branch, wiping the old files, installing the new ones, committing the changes. Then I switch to the local branch, rebase on top of the new wordpress, and all my stuff appears magically on top of the old!

It’s rather overkill, since I don’t really have much of anything modified here beyond my custom theme and a single plugin, but it’s nice and quick! Also, keeping things in git means that there is an automatic backup, so if I break everything, as long as the .git directory stays intact, I can easily revert to the old one. I do with the database could be kept under the same control, but that gets a lot more complicated…