New pictures

For the latest concert with the Seasons Baroque Ensemble, Sari and I decided to rent a car and drive there and back. It was fun to have a road trip together, and to not have to worry about schedules or anything like that. It was exhausting though… and somewhat more expensive than the bus (since we were there for a whole week).

Drivin' a car
The concert was also exhausting. Katherine and Graham only got back to town two days before the show, so we put together a very challenging programme, including F. Couperin’s L’apothéose de Lully on very short notice. The end result was very good though – many people commented that it was our best yet. We certainly had a good turnout, too. The Cathedral is a very nice place to play.


A drive to Keswick Ridge for a concert with Seasons, and a few pies.

New toy!

I’m writing this from my living room with no cables attached to the computer! I finally went out and got (well, sat in and ordered) a wireless router, after months of waffling on it. It’s nice to have. After spending far too much time wrestling with a defective ethernet cable (which was also the only one long enough to reach over to the bed comfortably), I decided enough was enough, and $20 really isn’t that much money anyway.