Winnipeg Mochitsuki

Mochi-making is traditionally a pre-New-Year’s activity in Japan. Sweet rice is steamed and then pounded into a sticky goo, which gets eaten in various ways – toasted, fried, with anko (sweet bean paste), etc…


Fall pictures

Various pictures from the fall – gardens, woods, and baking.


I haven’t done a whole lot in the past month. However, I have eaten some food. More than once, even!

First was a big chicken that Sari and I roasted with some veggies:

Then she (Sari, not the chicken) ran off to Japan and had many adventures, some of which also involved food. (Raw whale meat, anyone?)

Upon her return, inspired by yummy Japanese food, we had a feast or two:
Japanese supper (follow the link to see what all the stuff actually is)

And finally, now that it’s getting a bit colder out (no significant snowfall yet though…), I’ve started making bread again!
Slice of holey bread
I managed to get a nice texture with lots of holes in it, which is nice. I’ve been trying to do that for ages, but it didn’t usually work. Not sure why it did this time though! Maybe because I put in more olive oil than usual? Or did most of the second rise in the oven while it baked? (with interesting side effects).


tomato/pasta salad

A very summery supper! Fresh tomatoes – which were cheap even at that bastion of overpriced produce, metro – basil and rosemary that we grew ourselves, feta and romano cheese, garlic, lemon juice, olives and olive oil, chick peas, and probably a few other things that I’ve forgotten. Yum! And it’s so nice to eat cold food when it’s hot and sticky outside!

The very best thing is that we made a huge amount, so I have something to munch at work tomorrow.


I cooked up a little loaf of bread:
large loaf of bread

It’s mostly rye flour. Very strange stuff… There’s hardly any gluten in it, so when you mix up the flour, it just turns into a creamy goop – very sticky, but doesn’t hold together at all. I added some normal bread flour and some extra gluten flour too, though that might not be so good any more – it’s been sitting in the fridge for years, since Catherine got it to make some bread way back when.


yummy cake!
Our landlord got us a cake! I think he felt bad because so many people had come by to look at the place in the past month or so, and he also had to dig in our closet a few days ago to repair some plumbing upstairs.