Fearsome Critter

Yesterday I was tuning my harpsichord when I saw this beastie skitter along the floor:

nasty insect picture
Anyone know what it might be? My only guess is that it’s some odd sort of earwig, but it doesn’t really look like one… All the earwigs I’ve seen are much darker, and have longer abdomens. It is an insect though – 6 legs and all that. No visible wings. Luckily, it’s much smaller than it looks in that picture – only about a centimetre long. A mystery!

update: Apparently it’s a silverfish. I’ve never seen one so big before – I guess I’ve never seen an adult one though, since this is about the normal size for them, from what wikipedia says. I found what it was by looking on this site, (look on list 3…)

Yay for google! Now I just hope I don’t see many more of them…


The long and tedious process of moving to a new apartment….

New apartment

We’re mostly moved into our new apartment!
New apartment picture
One room is still full of boxes and odds and ends, and there are a few things to bring over from the old apartment still, but we’re settling in!

Hiking in Vermont

Last weekend, I went hiking with 5 other people (6 if you count Erica, who’s just about 11 months old now). We did a little portion of the Long Trail in Vermont. It was a very soggy weekend and pretty chilly, but we still had a great time! Because of the weather, and because we were pretty late getting started, we changed some of the original plan. Figuring that it might start snowing on top of Mt. Killington, where we initially planned to hike, we took a slightly tamer route just to the South.
Appalachian/Long trail sign covered in caterpillars

Long Trail

Six intrepid explorers (and one intrepid baby) exploring the vast wilderness of the Long Trail in Vermont (or at least one part of it!)

comment spam

Well, it took a few weeks, but today I got my first barrage of comment spam. All from the same IP, so it it was easy enough to block, but I’m sure there will be more in a little while. Alas.

Nothing got through the moderation system, so no one else would have seen them, but it’s still sad to know that it happens. I’ve heard horror stories about blogs getting thousands of similar spam messages every day – in some ways, it’d be nice to be so popular, but it sure would be a hassle!

Anyone want some Cialis tabs?


I cooked up a little loaf of bread:
large loaf of bread

It’s mostly rye flour. Very strange stuff… There’s hardly any gluten in it, so when you mix up the flour, it just turns into a creamy goop – very sticky, but doesn’t hold together at all. I added some normal bread flour and some extra gluten flour too, though that might not be so good any more – it’s been sitting in the fridge for years, since Catherine got it to make some bread way back when.