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I haven’t done a whole lot in the past month. However, I have eaten some food. More than once, even!

First was a big chicken that Sari and I roasted with some veggies:

Then she (Sari, not the chicken) ran off to Japan and had many adventures, some of which also involved food. (Raw whale meat, anyone?)

Upon her return, inspired by yummy Japanese food, we had a feast or two:
Japanese supper (follow the link to see what all the stuff actually is)

And finally, now that it’s getting a bit colder out (no significant snowfall yet though…), I’ve started making bread again!
Slice of holey bread
I managed to get a nice texture with lots of holes in it, which is nice. I’ve been trying to do that for ages, but it didn’t usually work. Not sure why it did this time though! Maybe because I put in more olive oil than usual? Or did most of the second rise in the oven while it baked? (with interesting side effects).

3 Comments to “FOOD”

  1. jen wu says:

    omg, is that adedashi tofu? did you make that yourself???

  2. Jon-o says:

    Agedashi, I think… (揚げ出し – fried with soup) I’ll have to ask Sari to be sure though.

    Sari made it. I ate it, and sorta set the table. But yeah, we made everything in this meal, except the otakuan pickles. Yum!

  3. Sari says:

    Yep, agedashi-dofu it is. (Tofu morphs to dofu when it’s the tail end of a compound word.)
    Dry the tofu with paper towels, dredge it in some flour and fry ‘er up. The soup is bonito broth (they sell it in little instant packets) with a sploosh of soy sauce, and I put some chopped green onions and grated ginger on top.