Pentax firmware for linux

If you have a Pentax *istDS camera, like me, you might have tried updating to the latest firmware. Unfortunately, it’s only available in a windows executable or a Mac hqx file, so it’s tricky to extract under linux. I’ve got a tarball including the original readme and the .bin itself, so feel free to use that instead.

I used to have this on the painfully disorganized main page here, so I figure it should be added back in, now that that page has been replaced by a blog. I don’t know if anyone’s ever downloaded the thing, (hasn’t happened since I trashed my machine and tossed all my old apache logs, anyway) – Let me know if you used it! In any case, it was a bit of trouble when I tried updating the firmware, so I thought I’d try saving you the time I spent in improving the packaging.

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