ttuner 0.1.3

Yes, these releases are coming frequently. There was so little time between 0.1.2 and 0.1.3 that I wasn’t even able to update the web page in between!

The new version adds volume adjusting (with plus and minus keys) and pausing (with space bar) to the interactive mode. I found a pile of other bugs of course, too! There’s also a bit better information displayed when notes are playing, including a list of available key commands. I’ve also included a few different harmonics files which you can use with the -H option:

ttuner -h harmonics/simple_sine.harmonics

for example. They’re straightforward, but I hope they show how you can make your own files if you like.

As always, you can get it at the ttuner page.

One Comment to “ttuner 0.1.3”

  1. Jan de Groot says:

    Hello Jon-o,
    Being a harpsichordist myself, I am interested in your program ttuner.
    Yesterday I downloaded the latest source and tried to install it.
    I did not succeed because of errors in the file audio_output.c.
    They indicated that variables, like frameCount, were not declared.
    I was using the C-compiler gcc-3.4.4 under Linux-2.6.12.
    For my own convenience I wrote earlier a program that makes use of
    libsndfile to produce sounds at frequencies I calculated before. In that
    way I am also able to tune in every antique temperament I want.
    But, in practice, I prefer using my ears, accepting slight differences
    in temperament every time I set up the temperament. I mainly use
    Werckmeister III and meantone.

    Kind regards,

    Jan de Groot