ttuner .1.1

A quick bugfix to the original ttuner release. this version fixes:

  • Incorrect placement of dll files in the windows zip. You shouldn’t get any ‘missing dll’ error messages any more.
  • Corrections to Lehman and Sorge1758 temperaments
  • A few more messages output about usage – no more guessing what key should be used to quit the program!

As always, the latest version is available from my programming page.

EDIT:There’s also an ubuntu package now, so if you’re on that system, you don’t have to worry about compiling anything.

2 Comments to “ttuner .1.1”

  1. Thomas D says:

    … Why would you include ‘Sorge1758’ in the first place?

    The historical source itself, Sorge, explicitly says that it is a tuning that is supposed to be applied on an organ when transposing in ‘Chorton’ and accompanying an orchestra in ‘Cammerton’. It is not and never was a tuning for playing harpsichord music.

  2. Jon-o says:

    First of all, there’s nothing about this program that limits it to tuning harpsichords – I’ve used it as a tool for organs and viola da gambas as well as a general purpose tool for calculating and hearing differences between different temperaments.

    Secondly, it’s not really a temperament I use, but it’s easy to put in new temperament files, so why not include it? I can easily add in any other temperaments, so I don’t see any reason to restrict it to only the handful of most useful ones.