Busy busy busy!

Sometimes a blog doesn’t get updated because nothing is happening. Other times, it doesn’t get updated because there’s just way too much going on! I’ll try to make a few posts in the very near future about all the new developments in my life, but for now, a very quick run down:

  • Sari and I got married!
  • Both of our bikes got stolen – if you know of a good bike for sale in Montreal, let me know!
  • I lost my Brandenburg V virginity
  • I have a concert coming up next week in Fredericton – Sunday November 18th at 3:00PM at Gallery 78. You might want to get a ticket in advance, because it’s a small space, and there might be a lot of people there – I’ve been getting more pubicity than usual!
  • As always, there are a few more photos up.

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