Saxophone concert

I’ve gotten pretty bad at this ‘regular update’ thing, alas. There is news to share though!

The most important thing is that I’ll be giving a concert this Tuesday, July 31, at 12:30pm. It’s at St. James United Church (Ste-Catherine corner City Councillors). Admission is free, but there will be a freewill offering.

This will be the first solo saxophone recital I’ve done in ages! I’m playing some really fun and interesting music – pieces by G.F. Telemann, H.I.F. Biber, S. Karg-Elert, G. Kulesha, E. Bozza, and P, Bonneau. It’s all unaccompanied music, which is very seldom heard. Mostly 20th century pieces written for saxophone, but with a couple of baroque transcriptions I’ve done as well (the Telemann and Biber). I hope a few people reading this are able to come!

If you miss this concert, you might be able to catch the next one: Seasons Baroque Ensemble will be performing a selection of trio sonatas in Fredericton on August 10, at Christ Church Cathedral at 12:10pm. We’ll have a few other concerts in New Brunswick that week as well, so watch this space for updates in the near future!

One Comment to “Saxophone concert”

  1. Gareth says:

    A concert on the 10th? Is this still on? I am in Fredericton from the 9th (late late night) and so can make it to that on and some others in the next week or so.

    BTW, I finally decided on a camera. got a Rebel XTi yesterday.