Happy Easter

I’m a bad bad bad bad bad blogger. I have done things this month! Really! I just didn’t write about them here.

I was delaying posting about the concerts in New Brunswick, and the performance with La Fiorenza until I had some of the recordings from them assembled and ready to go. But that’s taking a while, as you can see. There are also a pile of photos needing sorting and organizing. I’ve gotten a good start on both those tasks, but they always seem to take longer than they should.

With Sari’s help, I’ve been rethinking the way I organize all my .. data, for lack of a better word – mainly photos and recordings. I think I need to divide ‘public stuff on the web page’ a bit more from the ‘archived stuff for myself’. I can be a lot more choosy about public stuff, and be a lot less organized and ‘spiffed up’ with the archived stuff, since no one will see it but me. But I’m not entirely sure exactly how I’ll manage it yet. I definitely plan on getting rid of most of the recordings that are currently available on the site, since most are over 5 years old now, and, really, I can play a lot better now!

Consider this post to be rich with new content, but with a big ‘under construction’ sign on it. Eventually I’ll upload things. No, really!

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