New domain!

I ust finally got around to registering! So you should now be able to reach this site at instead of using the longer address.

I can also receive mail at, though I’m still using as my main address. Having my main e-mail on a not-all-that-stable ADSL line kinda scares me.

Any of the other e-mail addresses hosted here should work with the new domain too.

If it’s not working for you just yet, give it another day or so – I just registered it last night, and sometimes it takes a while to propagate through the net.

2 Comments to “New domain!”

  1. Lanica says:

    Actually on new domains it normally happens nearly instantly.

  2. Jon-o says:

    It took a little while, though much less than the ‘2-3 days’ that most registrars say, presumably to cover their butts. The nameservers at zoneedit were updated very quickly, and the whois database updated instantly, but the other name servers were slower – presumably this was whatever handles the .ca TLD. It was still working within a few hours though, which is pretty good!