A trip to Vermont to visit friends and hike on the Long Trail.

New Toy

I now live in a two-harpsichord house:

Rachelle's harpsichord

(not the greatest picture – maybe I’ll try again when the light’s better, or experiment with a flash…)
Rachelle Taylor is lending me her Beaupré French double while she does some renovations to her house. I’m happy to give it a home for the next little while! It’s great fun having two harpsichords in the same room, to be able to run back and forth and compare the different sounds. This is a very nice harpsichord, with a very rich sound, and it’s a breeze to play compared to mine. I’m not sure it works wonderfully for a lot of the earlier music I usually play, but it’s fantastic for Rameau, and sounds very nice for Bach as well. I need to dig up some music that I haven’t played in a while – Forqueray and the like.


To continue the personal news catch-up that I’m attempting this week, I thought it would be good to mention that Sari and I got married! Now that it’s been over a month, I figure it’s time to say something here. Enough secrecy!

The wedding was a wonderful day on Thanksgiving weekend. Perfect weather – just a bit chilly, but very sunny. Lots of friends and family. All in all, a fine party. Thanks to everyone that could come! Sari made a web site for the event, and we now have many photos up on it. If anyone has photos that they’d like us to post, send them over! We can always add more.

Busy busy busy!

Sometimes a blog doesn’t get updated because nothing is happening. Other times, it doesn’t get updated because there’s just way too much going on! I’ll try to make a few posts in the very near future about all the new developments in my life, but for now, a very quick run down:

  • Sari and I got married!
  • Both of our bikes got stolen – if you know of a good bike for sale in Montreal, let me know!
  • I lost my Brandenburg V virginity
  • I have a concert coming up next week in Fredericton – Sunday November 18th at 3:00PM at Gallery 78. You might want to get a ticket in advance, because it’s a small space, and there might be a lot of people there – I’ve been getting more pubicity than usual!
  • As always, there are a few more photos up.

Walk in the Woods

Post-wedding, Sari and Jon-o show the Reverend around the trails of the Addleman Manor


Mark and Sara’s 5th anniversary party in Vermont

August in Keswick Ridge

Flowers, Bugs, Cats and Sunsets

Summer in NB

Visiting New Brunswick to play with Seasons Baroque Ensemble.

March in Keswick Ridge

Cats frolicking in the last gasp of Winter

Briefly back in Montreal

We got back from Winnipeg last week, right on schedule. I’ve posted more pictures from that trip, as well as a few much older ones that I hadn’t gotten around to uploading for some reason.

Other exciting news is that several concerts are coming up! First of all, I’m doing a series of three solo harpsichord recitals in New Brunswick:

March 9, 7PM, All Saints Church, St. Andrews
March 10, 7PM, Arts Center, St. John
March 11, 3PM, Gallery 78, Fredericton

The programme is varied: it’s titled Six Degrees of Separation: a musical genealogy of the Baroque period. Beginning at the very beginning of the Baroque, with Frescobaldi, it moves through several times and places, relating each piece to the one which precedes it, eventually finishing with Mozart, right at the end of the Baroque (perhaps a bit beyond the end, but that’s ok). Let me know if you’d like any more information about any of these concerts!

After I get back from that, Sari and I will both be playing with La Fiorenza in All’ombra della Croce: Music for the mystery of Lent. That concert is on March 21 at 8PM, at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, here in Montreal.

Back to practicing!