Briefly back in Montreal

We got back from Winnipeg last week, right on schedule. I’ve posted more pictures from that trip, as well as a few much older ones that I hadn’t gotten around to uploading for some reason.

Other exciting news is that several concerts are coming up! First of all, I’m doing a series of three solo harpsichord recitals in New Brunswick:

March 9, 7PM, All Saints Church, St. Andrews
March 10, 7PM, Arts Center, St. John
March 11, 3PM, Gallery 78, Fredericton

The programme is varied: it’s titled Six Degrees of Separation: a musical genealogy of the Baroque period. Beginning at the very beginning of the Baroque, with Frescobaldi, it moves through several times and places, relating each piece to the one which precedes it, eventually finishing with Mozart, right at the end of the Baroque (perhaps a bit beyond the end, but that’s ok). Let me know if you’d like any more information about any of these concerts!

After I get back from that, Sari and I will both be playing with La Fiorenza in All’ombra della Croce: Music for the mystery of Lent. That concert is on March 21 at 8PM, at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, here in Montreal.

Back to practicing!


Sari and I are in Winnipeg, visiting her parents. The trip got off to a nice start, with some typical Manitoba weather: -25°C when we landed, and then much colder the next day! We can handle it though. We’re mighty and have socks.

We’ve spent some of the time setting up a computer with a network connection, so that Sari’s parents now have an e-mail address for the first time ever!
sari showing her Mom how to download music

Long time no blog

I’m back! And akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! (Happy New Year!) It has snowed several times since the last entry, and rained, and then snowed some more! So far, we’ve been a couple of weeks with no rain, which is fantastic! It’s even been quite cold for a few days.

In the weeks and weeks and weeks since the last entry, Sari and I traveled to New Brunswick for Christmas, celebrated a few birthdays, performed with the Seasons Baroque Ensemble, settled Catan extensively, and generally had a silly and jolly time.

The concerts with Seasons included shows in St. Andrews and Saint John this time. These went very well, and we had a great turnout, especially considering the new venues. Everyone seemed very enthusiastic, so we’re looking forward to the next shows!

The next performance put on by Early Music Fredericton will be a series of solo harpsichord recitals that I’m playing. Friday, March 9 will be in St. Andrews, Saturday the 10th in Saint John, and then Sunday afternoon in Fredericton. More details to come on those concerts! Watch this space!

In other exciting news, I’m no longer a regular McGill employee. My last day working at the venerable help desk at ICS Customer Support was last Thursday. It’s been a long time – after five and a half years, I was, except for Mary-Ann, the most senior employee there, including all the managers, etc. It was time to go though – I have more than enough work these days with other web work and programming and all the music work, so it was time for a change!

Unfortunately, I have a cold. I’ve been treating my symptoms by staying in bed for most of the past three days (medicinal laziness?). I think I’m on the mend, but it’s slow going. One nice part of working from home though is that I can stay in bed in my pyjamas all day long, and actually get a whole lot done!


Visiting Sari’s parents