Fearsome Critter

Yesterday I was tuning my harpsichord when I saw this beastie skitter along the floor:

nasty insect picture
Anyone know what it might be? My only guess is that it’s some odd sort of earwig, but it doesn’t really look like one… All the earwigs I’ve seen are much darker, and have longer abdomens. It is an insect though – 6 legs and all that. No visible wings. Luckily, it’s much smaller than it looks in that picture – only about a centimetre long. A mystery!

update: Apparently it’s a silverfish. I’ve never seen one so big before – I guess I’ve never seen an adult one though, since this is about the normal size for them, from what wikipedia says. I found what it was by looking on this site, (look on list 3…)

Yay for google! Now I just hope I don’t see many more of them…

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